About Us


Wildcat Architectural’s eye for detail allows us to supply perfect parts every time. You can be assured that every part manufactured is of the highest standard from start to finish.

Wildcat Industries was formed 10 years ago, initially as Wildcat Consulting. The Director and founder has had more than 30 years experience in the manufacture of high tech wood and gas heaters, and the associated flue systems and components.

Custom perforated panels

For architectural, building, construction, interior design and landscaping industry.

Services Offered

Consultative advice, design and complete fabrication including perforating, folding, notching and welding.



Wildcat Architectural has the ability to assist with design parameters avoiding any manufacturing issues. The client can be assured that designs are strictly followed, carefully implemented and the quality maintained and not compromised.



Wildcat has a state of the art manufacturing facility that is able to turn expectation into reality. Our product is very well accepted by the majority of the buying public, be it a commerical establishment, a high rise residential or office condominium, hotel, mass transportation, etc.



We have all current software to turn dreams into working technical drawings. We provide architectural CAD services for all types of buildings ranging from residential to commercial, as well as industrial. We can assist you from the conceptual design phase and the construction phase, to post construction phase of the project.